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Mesothelioma is a form of cancer that develops in the tissues of cells that line the lungs, heart and stomach. These tissues are called mesothelial cells and they become infected by inhaling particles of dust from asbestos fibers. Once these cells become infected they dry up the fluids surrounding these major organs of the body and tumors begin to develop. The most common form is pleural mesothelioma which accounts for 75% of all malignant cases however there are two other types peritoneal, and pericardial.

What does asbestos have to do with mesothelioma?

Accepted science, findings, experience and casualties in the US has confirmed the correlation, cause-effect type relationship between asbestos exposure and the development and occurrence of mesothelioma.

So in short: asbestos causes mesothelioma

About 15% of Mesothelioma cases are found in the early stages, before the cancer has spread to nearby lymph nodes or elsewhere. The 5 year survival rate for people with Mesothelioma is 50% if there is no evidence of cancer in lymph nodes at the time of surgery. Unfortunately, in most cases, the spread of cancer has already occurred even if not detected by current medical tests. When all Mesothelioma stages are considered together, the 5 year survival rate is only about 14%. Many early Mesothelioma are diagnosed incidentally - they are found as a result of tests that are done for an unrelated medical condition. Although Mesothelioma does not cause any symptoms until it has spread too far to be cured, symptoms do occur in some patients with early Mesothelioma . Prompt attention to symptoms, leading to early diagnosis and treatment can result in a cure for some patients. For others, prompt attention to symptoms can improve the likelihood that treatment can extend their life and relieve many of their symptoms.

Mesothelioma takes a long time to incubate within a human body before symptoms of mesothelioma may appear and cause suffering to the carrier. It can take fifteen to twenty years for this deadly disease to fully present itself and the damage it has done. This presents a very difficult challenge for doctors and the medical community in diagnosing mesothelioma and in many cases patients with this disease are either not aware that they have it or do not ask the doctor to specifically check for symptoms of mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma treatment depends on several factors, including the stage of mesothelioma, the location of the tumor, and the age and overall health of the patient.

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