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As the leading cause of death in the nation, strokes and heart attacks are sometimes, but not always, preventable. Because cardiovascular disease affects much of the population, physicians and health care providers have an obligation to watch for and monitor signs suggesting increased risk of heart attack and stroke; signs and symptoms including high blood pressure, tobacco use, obesity, high cholesterol, advanced age, and diabetes. Approximately 600,000 strokes occur each year with 160,000 victims dying as a result.

Recently, the Cox-2 inhibiting drugs Vioxx, Celebrex, and Bextra have come under fire for causing strokes. Lawyers investigating Vioxx, attorneys filing Celebrex lawsuits, and Bextra law firms urge patients to find an arthritis drug lawyer to handle their stroke claim. Merck has also performed a voluntary Vioxx recall in light of the Vioxx heart attack and stroke concern.

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