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Searle, the manufacturer of Ambien, has not taken due care to researching and/or providing side effects and drug interaction information, leading to serious adverse effects, and even deaths.

An example of this is a drug product liability case initiated against Searle Chemicals a/k/a G.D. Searle, by an individual in the US. His wife had first been prescribed Biaxin, an antibiotic, followed by Ambien for the treatment of the insomnia which was presumably a side effect of the said antibiotic. No information on the potential drug interaction was provided. Several days later she commited suicide by hanging herself.

The only side effects information that was provided for Ambien had been that it may cause 'daytime drowsiness or dizziness'.

Interestingly, file documentation indicates that prior to March of 2000, Searle had knowledge of seventeen suicides, fifteen suicide attempts and six "non-accidental overdoses" involving Ambien, Stilnox and/or zolpidem in which they were primarily suspect.

In the drug product liability counts of his complaint, the plaintiff, among other things, that Searle failed to adequately research and test Ambien and didn't provide adequate information as to its interaction with other drugs (apparently with Biaxin in this case), and also failed to adequately warn of contraindications for certain persons to whom it may be prescribed in that it could induce depressive, irrational and suicidal behavior.

While the case is still pending at the time of the writing of this article, it is clear that it is not an isolated occurance and that more Ambien litigation can be expected, especially with the issue of Searle publishing Ambien propaganda not in line with FDA regulations.

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