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Users who have taken Zyprexa have developed diabetes, pancreatitis, hyperglycemia and even death from a diabetes-induced heart attack.

Since the year 2000 the warning signs for Zyprexa have been surfacing, but Eli Lilly didn’t begin to acknowledge the problems until much later when the FDA intervened. In fact, the FDA finally had to order drug maker Eli Lilly to change the label, warning patients of the dire complications as a result of the drug. Hundreds of patients had adverse reactions and reported complaints of hyperglycemia, diabetes, ketoacidosis, pancreatitis and other related conditions.

There have been 288 diabetes cases reported in Zyprexa patients, with 23 of them resulting in fatalities. While Eli Lilly has acknowledged the dangerous life-threatening side effects associated with Zyprexa, consumer advocates point out that the Zyprexa side effect warnings referencing diabetes, heart attack, coma and hyperglycemia continue to be hidden deep within the drug’s adverse reactions label.

Breaking News

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INDIANAPOLIS (AP) – Eli Lilly and Co. Thursday announced its third-quarter profit was wiped out by the amount it has booked for the settlement of charges against the top-selling drug Zyprexa... Read More
FDA Rejects Lilly's New Zyprexa Form
NEW YORK - The Food and Drug Administration didn’t approve a new injection form of the schizophrenia treatment Zyprexa introduced by Eli Lilly. Read More

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