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If you do not find your injury or the product that cased your injury, please fill out the form and let us know what happened and how you were injured.

Florida Cigarette Tobacco

The Master Settlement Agreement ("MSA") is an agreement originally negotiated between the four largest tobacco companies and 46 U.S. States and 6 U.S. Territories reached in 1998. The negotiations addressed the potential liability of the tobacco industry for an alleged cover-up of tobacco-related health problems and ultimately exempted the companies from tort liability from state governments in exchange for a combination of yearly payments to the states and voluntary restrictions on advertising and marketing of tobacco products. The agreement was meant to provide state governments with compensation for smoking related medical costs and to help reduce smoking in the United States.

The MSA was originally signed in November, 1998 by the four largest tobacco companies, Philip Morris USA, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corp., and Lorillard Tobacco Company. The agreement was later joined by over 40 other tobacco companies. Every U.S. State and 6 U.S. Territories signed the agreement. Florida, Minnesota, Texas and Mississippi had already reached individual agreements with the tobacco industry.

Although the MSA has been criticized as being too lenient on the major tobacco companies, cigarette consumption in the United States fell to a 50 year low in 2004. Another criticism is the alleged favoritism shown to the major tobacco companies over smaller independent tobacco growers and sellers. Proponents of this argument claim that certain restrictions on pricing and advertising make it more difficult for small growers to compete with "Big Tobacco". 12 states have successfully fought against this argument in court during the last two years.

Hurricane Claims

With the large number of claims from multiple hurricanes in just Florida alone, insurance companies will often cut costs wherever they can. These insurance companies are businesses just like any other and thier adjusters will try to settle claims quickly for amounts that are not reasonable. They will also try and delay some claims and may just deny other claims that should be paid.
Our lawyers are experienced in making insurance companies pay for damages done to your home. In almost all cases, if we are successful in efforts to make the insurance company pay the disputed claim, the insurance company will be required to pay our fees and costs. We work on contingency which means if we don't win, you dont pay fees or costs. Whether your claim is large or small, we may be able to help, so contact us as soon as possible about your unique situation.

Katrina Insurance Claims

In dealing with large or small claims as a result of Katrina (especially environmental claims and business interruption claims) it is often advisable to seek professional help. Insurance companies do not always have your best intentions in mind and will try to settle your claim quickly often resulting in loss of compensation owed. You need coverage attorneys, accountants, environmental consultants, and appraisers at your side to develop claims and to provide support during the ongoing and often lengthy claims process. Coverage attorneys and supporting experts should be considered as a part of making any large or complex claim on one or more policies to ensure you are receiving the maximum return for your claim. Each state provides regulations and rules on claims handling and provides certain protection to policyholders.

Qui Tam - Governement Fraud

Every year, corrupt organizations cheat the federal government out of billions of taxpayer's dollars.

If you suspect any person or company is defrauding the government, don't be afraid to report it. Not only is it is the right thing to do, you may be entitled to a significant reward often totaling millions of dollars.

Our attorney’s are among the national leads in fraud/ qui tam cases and have recovered millions of dollars for whistleblowers nationwide. All cases are taken on a contingency which means you do not pay any upfront attorney’s fees or costs and we recover a percentage of the final settlement.

Taser Stun Guns

Taser International Inc. has been criticized for their aggressive marketing tactics; some say that the company misrepresents the dangers of their product and subtly encourages their use in improper situations. An article in the Arizona Republic newspaper revealed that company officials had claimed that a Department of Defense study was "independent" proof of the Taser's safety even though the company provided most of the research material used in the study and participated in three panels to determine the scope of the study, analyze data, and review findings.

The company also has met controversy about the relationship between it and the Taser Foundation, which gave monetary grants to police officers killed in the line of duty, after a USA Today report in April 2005.

Scrutiny regarding the safety of the devices sold by Taser International Inc. has prompted over 30+ 'wrongful death' lawsuits against the company, since company inception.

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