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Hurricanes can damage property like few other natural forces. Driving rain, surging waves, and 200 mph winds and reduce an entire town to rubble in a few hours. The people who live in hurricane-prone areas often embrace the expense of hurricane insurance and view it as a wise investment for an expensive premium buys a great peace of mind should a disaster like a hurricane strike.

Hurricane insurance is often separate and distinct from other homeowner insurance policies because it covers different aspects of potential damage. Even the best homeowners and hurricane insurance policies are confusing and complicated, but the money not only to rebuild your life but pay for living expenses while you recover are welcome sights to those suffering through a disaster.

You should file a hurricane claim as soon as possible because it allows your insurance company to act quickly. Chances are there are many other people filing claims at the same time you are, so filing early increases the odds that your claim will be seen first. Furthermore, many homeowners and hurricane insurance policies will reimburse you for the money you spend to survive until other help arrives. Although the amounts of reimbursement vary from company to company, the important thing to remember is to file early and get the help you need.

Unfortunately many insurance companies are engaging in questionable practices after hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Reports coming from the Gulf States allege that certain insurers are withholding living expense payments until customers sign waivers that declare their property was damaged by flooding rather than wind driven rain. Other reports claim insurers are outright denying claims for relief from people who had their houses flooded by waters that surged from hurricane-induced conditions. This is wrong.

If your insurance company denied your claim you need to take action immediately. Get the help you need for you, your family, and to rebuild your life. Join the thousands of other people from across the Gulf States who refuse to become victims of corporate greed. Contact an insurance claim attorney today.

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Hurricane Claims
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