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If you have been injured or sexually assualted while atthe Texas Youth Commission please complete the form to the right.

Increases in abuse, disgruntled staff, and a Department of Justice investigation all suggest that the Texas Youth Commission is facing some serious problems. Despite claims to the contrary from the agency director, having DOJ open a formal investigation into conditions of confinement in a TYC facility suggests that something is very wrong.

The ongoing DOJ investigation into TYC is part and parcel of the overall federal campaign to improve conditions of confinement in state juvenile corrections facilities. And, as far as I’m concerned, it’s about time that the feds come to Texas. Allegations about problems at TYC that have recently surfaced in the local media include:

Vicious and violent attacks on inmates by guards. Attacks at the Evins Regional Justice Center in South Texas reportedly led to baseball-sized swelling when a boy's head was used as a battering ram, and temporary blindness when a guard scraped another boy’s face raw against the concrete. Yet another youth alleges that guards cuffed him and left him outside in the sun for several hours on top of an ant nest, where he was bitten hundreds of times.

A corrupt complaint and investigation system. Former and current TYC staff claim that they have been asked to change records, lie to inspectors and parents about youth who are injured, and have seen abuse reports and videotapes that document abuse mysteriously disappear

Lack of responsiveness to family members’ concerns. Parents have testified before the House Committee on Juvenile Justice and Family Issues about their children being beaten by staff members, their grievances being ignored, and their children's sentences being unduly extended, even when the youth were serving time for less-than-serious crimes.

Texas is not alone in its problems, so please contact us if you or a loved one has been hurt, abused, or mistreated at any youth prision facility.

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Texas Youth Commission or Any Youth Prision Sexual Assault
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