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For every victim of leukemia and their family, the tragedy is increased because the evidence clearly demonstrates that the benzene industry knew that their products killed people. Because of the benzene industry's actions, thousands of people across the country have been afflicted with leukemia.

Clients often remark that they worked with or were exposed to benzene products 20, 30 or even 40 years ago. We understand this and have compiled a product identification book which is a picture book of hundreds of benzene product from the 1930s through the 1970s. Even though it has been years since the client worked with the product, almost everybody recalls the products they worked with on a day to day basis once shown a picture.

If the leukemia client is deceased the work history and product exposure can be determined from social security records and from coworker interviews. However, the best source of evidence is product identification done by the person who was directly exposed to the benzene products.

Benzene-exposed Jefferson Man Develops Blood Cancer and Multiple Myeloma
TX - A Jefferson County man, who was a long-term employee of chemical giant Texaco, claims that he developed blood cancer and multiple myeloma after being exposed to benzene during his job... Read More
Benzene Victim’s Sons Sue Unocal and Chevron
The two sons of a deceased man are suing their father’s employers, claiming that their father developed multiple myeloma due to benzene exposure from workplace... Read More
Family Sues Texaco in Benzene Case
The family of a deceased refinery worker is suing Texaco, an oil company now subsumed by Chevron, claiming the man’s death was caused by exposure to benzene and other carcinogens all through his career with the company... Read More
Study says benzene exposure can cause sperm abnormalities
According to a researchers report in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, men exposed to benzene at levels near to the U.S. acceptable limit are more likely to have an abnormal number of chromosomes in their sperm... Read More
Widow Sues Refinery over Husband’s Benzene Death
A deceased refinery worker’s wife is suing oil giant Chevron USA, claiming that the company exposed her husband to benzene... Read More
Former Employee Sues KCS over Benzene Exposure
A former Kansas City Southern Railway Co. (KCS) employee is suing the company claiming that he was exposed to benzene and other carcinogens all through his career... Read More
Family Sues Chevron over Benzene Death
The family of a man, who died after developing myeloma following his exposure to benzene and benzene-containing products, is suing chemical giant Chevron in Jefferson County District Court... Read More
Benzene Victim Seeks Damages
GALVESTON – A Harris County man is seeking above $75,000 in damages from a marine shipping company based on Houston, claiming that he developed a severe illness as a result of benzene exposure... Read More
Family Sues 67 Companies over Benzene Exposure
A Chambers County man’s family is suing 67 defendant corporations claiming the man was died of acute myelogenous leukemia as a result of benzene exposure... Read More
U.S. Steel to spend $1.4 M to treat benzene-tainted groundwater
GARY, Ind. – U.S. Steel plans will spend $1.4 million to construct 11 wells at its Gary Works complex to capture and treat benzene-tainted groundwater before it reaches Lake Michigan. Read More
Arizona couple sues corporation over benzene exposure
MARSHALL – An Arizona couple is suing Safety-Kleen Systems Inc., a Wisconsin corporation headquartered in Plano, Texas, claiming that the man developed myelodysplastic syndrome after being exposed to dangerous levels of benzene due to the negligence of the corporation... Read More
Seaman says work around benzene caused his lymphoma
5/24/2007 4:00 PM
By Marilyn Tennissen
For 20 years, David Dinnes was employed as an able-bodied seaman on various vessels.
Read More
60-year employee of DuPont sues for benzene related disease
4/18/2007 1:00 PM
By David Yates
The benefactor of a former Dupont De Nemours employee is suing the Jefferson County chemical plant, along with a dozen other oil corporations, for exposing the late Earl Dean Thompson to benzene.
Read More

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