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Melamine found in U.S. baby formula

Posted by Administrator (admin) on Dec 01 2008 at 5:46 PM
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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said that it found the toxic chemical melamine in baby formula made by an American manufacturer. Later, they confirmed that melamine or a chemical by-product of melamine was discovered in formula made by the three major U.S. manufacturers those comprise almost 90 percent. The companies are: Abbot Labs, maker of Similac; Mead Johnson, maker of Enfamil; and Nestle, maker of Good Start.

According to FDA, the levels of the toxic substance are so low that they don’t pose a health risk. The agency has now set a threshold of 1 part per million of melamine in formula. This level is 20 times higher than the acceptable level in Taiwan! FDA had said last month that any level of melamine exposure is hazardous for infants.

Melamine, an industrial chemical that is used to make plastics, fertilizer, and fire retardants, has sickened around 50,000 infants and killed 4 in China.

Recently, several Chinese manufactures have been cited in scandals involving melamine contaminated food. In all the cases, melamine was added to products in order to make it appear they contained higher levels of protein.

One year back, melamine-tainted wheat gluten was used as an ingredient in pet food. The food killed 16 dogs and cats, sickened thousands of others that resulted in one of the biggest pet food recalls in American history.

Melamine is considered as a renal toxin as it can cause acute renal failure and kidney stones.


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