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Magnetic play sets are among the most dangerous toys in the market. Almost all the magnets used with such are high-energy neodymium iron boron magnets. Generally, the magnetic toy sets are composed of tiny, multicolored plastics rods with powerful micromagnets at each end, which will often come loose from the toy. Children may swallow these magnets. If there is more than one magnet, they attract each other while in the intestinal tract and bundle together. This causes the intestines to twist, intestinal obstructions, bowel damages and even death of the child. Symptoms often are similar to other gastrointestinal illnesses, so children may not get treatment in a timely manner. Surgery is the only way to remove the magnets. Since 2005, the CPSC has recalled about 8 million magnetic toy sets.

Magnets are the number one hazard on the Consumer Products Safety Commission’s (CPSC) list of Top Five Hidden Home Hazards. Since 2005, CPSC has reported around 100 injuries and 1 death related to magnetic toy sets. Children swallowed magnets from toy sets in all those cases. CPSC has recalled about 8 million magnetic toy sets since 2005.

Free Initial Consultation - If your or a loved one’s child has sustained an injury as a result of swallowing a magnet from a recalled Battat Magnabild Magnetic Building Systems play set, please fill out and submit the form at the right or contact us today at 1-800-780-2686 for a free case evaluation from an experienced products liability attorney.

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Magnetic Toy Sets
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