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The yo-yo ball is a squeezable soft rubber jelly-like ball which is usually filled with liquid. The ball is attached to a flexible cord with a ring at the end, which is placed on the finger. The design and material of the toy encourages children to swing it around their heads to see how far it stretches, or to lasso objects.

Yo-yo Ball Injuries

Yo-Yo Ball has been blamed for hurting approximately 400 children across the country. In 2006, The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) determined to commence a thorough investigation into the safety of Yo-Yo Balls.

The elastic cord of the toy can wrap around a child’s neck when the child dangles the toy overhead like a lasso. The CPSC has received almost 186 reports of incidents in which the yo-yo ball cord wrapped around a child’s neck. However, a parent or child successfully removed the cord from the child’s neck in all the cases. Seven cases reported broken blood vessels affecting eyes, eyelids, cheeks, neck, scalp or the area behind the ears. CPSC staff has comprehended that the reported incidents are uncomfortable and anxiety-provoking events for children and adults. However, CPSC refused to recall the toy as their conclusion was that the risk of strangulation that the toy poses is low, especially for younger children. According to CPSC, the yo-yo water ball toy does not meet congressionally mandated standards for product recall. However, the Commission keeps on monitoring incidents involving the yo-yo toy.

Some foremost retailers (such as, Toys R Us, Walgreens, and Saks) have unilaterally stopped selling the yo-yo ball toys. They’ve been banned in many foreign countries. Many consumer-protection officials are asking for a recall.

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Yo-yo Balls
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